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分类:歐美綜藝 英國 2013

主演:傑裏米·克拉克森 詹姆斯·梅 理查德·哈蒙德 

导演:Andy Wilman 


《巅峰拍檔第十九季》是由知名导演Andy Wilman 执导的一部歐美綜藝,傑裏米·克拉克森 詹姆斯·梅 理查德·哈蒙德 等倾情出演,该片讲述了:  148 Series 19 , Episode 1 27 Januar y 2013 Damian Lewis  Revi ew: Richa rd reviews t  he Pagani Huayra, the lat est supercar from the Italian m anufacturer. The car is capable of sa  vage accel eration, wi th a lot of attention plac ed into the bod ywork, i nterior and utili zing cut ting edge technolo gy. Desp  ite the ma ssive twin-turbo  engine and horsepo wer, thanks to its sophistica ted aerodynamic  package, the car can  easily be  driven hard withou t the ri sk of spinning. Th e Huayra a lso s et t he fastest time on th e Top Gear Test Track in th e hands of The Stig, 1:13.8, beatin g the   previou s record, set by t he Ariel At om V8.   News: T  he Dacia Sandero is now on sale in t he UK.  The Mercedes-Benz  SLS AMG Black has been updated to  produc e extra hors epower, but th e ha ndling  is still challenging. Jere my c laims that he has f ound a male equivalent version of Fifty Shades of Grey, pr esenting a kid9;s bo  ok about tractors. T  he new Chevrolet Stingray is annou nced. James May turned fift y the pre vious we ek. Also, the rally team composed of war amputees (previo usly me ntione d in series  17, episode 6) finall y completed their challeng  e of finishing th e 2013 D  akar Rally.   Review: James reviews the new Bentley Continental GT, and no tes the new engine and subtle  ride characteristics. Be lieving  that the Bentley, with four wheel drive  system  and a b ig, powerful engin e, can handle things worse  than a Welsh countr yside  road, James take s the car o nto a  Welsh stage of the Wor ld Rally Championship, with  Kris Meek  e behind th e wheel, and James being the co-driver. Despite the car  having less grip, m  ore weight, an electronic handbr ake (unsu itable for usage on a rally  stage) and James not being profi cient  at giving  pace notes, th e Ben  tley was act uall  y faster t han one of the full WRC  cars.   Star In A  Reas onably Priced Car: Damian Lewis takes his  turn  in the car, and dr ifts the Kia Cee'd a round the snow-coated test track and crosses the finish  line  sideway s, settin g the sl owest ever ti me of 2:09.1. Jeremy cheers Damian up by  making a separate boar   d for snow ( he j usts put the time underneat h and to the  side of the  fastest lap time on  that bo  ard) and says that he is t he fastest  driver ever on  their "snow b oard".   Challenge: Jeremy attempts to build a car small er than the Peel P50,  nam ing his creation the P45. It was based on  a qu ad bike, wi th bo dywork fitted, de signed to wrap around the driver. He then pre sented  his idea t o the &#39;Dragons&#39; i n a Dragons& #39; Den s tyle  format. All  of the dragon s declare t hemselves &quot;out"  ; and back  in the studio, R icha rd concludes that for the  P45 to be put in pro duction,   Jeremy  would have to be dea d.  149 Series 19, Epis ode 2 3 February  2013 Mick Fleetwo od    Challenge, Part 1:  In another chal lenge, the presenters pi  cked three super cars to  tak e on an epic race. Since i t was Hammon d's  turn to select the c  hallenge loc atio n, the team w ent to the   Western Un ited States. Jeremy selected the Lexus LFA, James chose the new As ton Martin Vanquish, an d Richard took t he SRT Viper. After a bri ef d  rive in the Neva   da des ert, the trio h  eaded to L as V  egas M otor Speedway, specificall y the dra  g strip, to compete in drag r aces  organized by the L as V  egas Pol ice Depar tment; wh om organized it with the theo ry that allowing people to dra g race, leg ally, at a  closed ci   rcuit, would prevent st reet racing. Despite the high performance of their cars, the trio we   re beaten by modified productio n cars, a  nd 4WD cars,  in each of thei r drag races.  News: Jeremy comes up with a solu tion on how  to solve the crisi s affec   ting Britain's town  centre s: sacking all traffic wardens  and removing double yel low lines . The trio  then review a Chinese product designe d to stop drowsiness b ehin d the wheel, before  they took a first look at the 2013  Jaguar F-Type. They  praised i ts styli ng, but criticiz ed its  high price tag of £60,000, as well as its  target audience. James  mentions Pe ugeot Citro en's ca r inte nded to ru n on co mpressed air; Jer emy attempte d to u se a fire extingui sher to  demonstrate,  but failed afte r only caus ing himself to t urn slowly around.  Challenge , Part 2.: Afte r leaving La s Vegas, James  and Richard make  fun  of Jeremy's L FA for   lacking n ot only Bluetooth connection and iPod connectors, but cup holde rs, despite being the most expensi ve ca  r. They are then tasked to  head to Willow S prings International Motorsports P ark, but  they instead s top on a  grooved road , whe re each car drives o ver the groov es and produ ces notes. When they reach Will ow Springs, they are forced to play an a erial ve rsion of Laser Quest , where they would drive 5  laps around the track, whilst  being ch ased by two Aermacchi SF.260 ar med with la ser guns. In  the end, James won the chall enge by bein g hit only 17 times.   Star in a Rea sonably  Priced Ca r: Fleetwo od Mac9;s Mick Fleetwood d rove the  Kia Cee'd around the Test Track  with a  lap of 1:45.4.  Challeng e, Part 3: Departing Willow Spr  ings, the grou p headed for Los Angeles, California. In order to do "real world" testing, Richard devised a chall enge to see who cou ld burn t he best elevens. The t  hree in stea  d ended up drawing a  phallus and left LA. Th e team the  n stayed  for a  night in Palm Spri ngs. However, t he producers gave them a final challeng e. The three  would drive from Palm Springs to the Me xican border   at Ca lexico the following morning, and  the last to make it to the M exican border would have to travel into the coun try itsel f to drive  the M astretta MXT,   a Mexican sports car made fun  of by the  presenters  in an ear lier s eries, fo r a later segment on the show. In revenge for taking t hem to America, Jere my and J  ames sabota ged Hammo nd's V  iper, causin  g him to lose 1 0 min  utes  in the ra ce.  Despite making a  stop fo r fuel, Je  remy  made it to the finish line firs  t, with Ja mes in second. Richard then walke d to the border being t he last pers  on to a rrive . At the studio, James and Jeremy e nd by sayi ng that  the Viper wa s awfu l and t hat t he Vanquish and LFA were amazing.  150 Series  19, Ep isode 3 10 February 2013 Amy Macdonald  Rev iew: J eremy reviews the T oyota GT86 and the  Subaru B RZ. The  cars are almost identical,  but  Jeremy prefers the Toyota GT8 6. The S tig then completed a lap of the  Test Track in 1:31:3.   News: They discuss the  new Subaru Impreza, which is not coming to UK, and they then tal  k about the new Maserat i Quat trop orte.  Challenge, Part 1: The producers hav e re served a si ngle ti cket to  a football match at the San Siro in Milan, Northern Italy. The trio have  a race from Wembley Stadium to th e San  Siro. J erem y dr ives the Shelby Mustang GT500 an d Richard and James travel on public tran  sport. Si milar  to the previo us r ace t o Monte Carlo, Ric hard and J ames are not al  lowed to use any car s, and Jer emy   is no  t allowed to use any  trains. According to Jeremy, since the last ep ic ra ce, the trai ns have beco me faster a nd boats have become s lower.  Richard and James ope ned up  a big lea d whilst trav elling on  the Eu rostar, and arr ive in Paris whil e Jeremy was still cros sing the English Channel on a ferry. After reaching France, Jeremy discovers that the Mustang o nly holds  50 l itres in its   fuel tank.  After le aving Paris, Richard an  d James discuss what  to do upon arriving in Milan — as there ar e two of th em bu t onl y one tic ket.  Hundred s of miles behind, Jeremy e nds part  1 of the   challenge st ating o ut loud, & quot;I' ;m gonna lose!"  Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Amy  Macdonal d dro ve t  he Kia Cee'd around t he Test Track in 1:44.4 . Dur ing one of h er pract ice runs, Amy acci  dentally destroyed one of the runway  lights, which Jeremy gives  to her a fter revealing the la p time.  Cha llenge, Part 2: The h igh spe ed TGV slowed down as it a pproached the mountain s that surround Northern Italy  . Jeremy began to catch up an d was near ly neck and neck with the train, until road work s at the Mon t Bla nc Tunnel slow him down.   The train starts  to accel erate a gain and reach es Nort hern Italy ahead of J eremy. Richard and James use a  tube network to g et t o the street s near the finish line. James maintains his opposition to run on televisio n and Richard ru ns off alone to fin d the fini sh lin  e, which is at a  bar in t he IM Vi  lla Veuve Cliequot. James t hen ass embled a b ike which  he had hidden i n one of his bags and r ides to the bar, only to find that Richard is already the re and has won the ra ce an d the ticket  to the football match. Moments later, Jeremy arrived and accepted d efeat for the firs t time ever in an  epic race  of a ll the series.  151 Se ries 19,  Episode 4 1 7 Febru ary 20 13 Lew is Hamilton  R evie w: Je remy  reviews th e Vauxhall Astra  VXR, For d Foc us ST and Renault Megane R enault Spor t Cup. T he Stig did laps of each car, the Foc  us be ing the   slow est at 1: 29.6, the Astra VXR at 1:28.3, and the Megane in 1:27.  7. Des pite this,  Jeremy chose the Astra VXR as  the b  est ov eral l car of the three.  News:  They di scuss the newest cars, s uch as the Alfa Romeo 4C, the  next generation Ford Mustang would be sold in Great Bri tain, bu  t the UK version wou ld come w ith a 2.  0 EcoBoost engine, and th  e importance of t he ha ndbrake turn in &quot ;male development&qu ot;.  Review: Jeremy tests the all new Kia Cee';d, putting  it th rough a myriad of  strange road tests. I ncluding M att LeBlanc doing a lap wi th both the old and new Cee&# 39;d, Bruce Willis (in  character as John McClane) testing the horn of the Ce e'd, Eri c Cl apton  testing  its auxiliary input jack, a nd Jeremy testing the Cee&# 39;d's self paral lel parking  feature.  Star in a Reas onab ly Pric ed Car: Lewi s Hamilton opens up a bout his move from McL aren to Mercedes AMG and takes the ol d Suzuki Liana around the T est Tra ck, set ting the fastest F1 time,  a 1:42.9.  Review: As  punishment for losing  the previo us ra ce, Ri chard is fo rced to review  the Mastretta MXT in Me xico. Minding  his words, he stat  es that the MXT wa s an am bitious un dertaking for the first-time manufact urer, but th at it had its share  of flaws.  Challenge: Jeremy and J ames play c ar rug by using Kia  Cee'd s and  Kia Sportages at Twickenham Stadium a nd Stig in Vauxhall  Astra Poli ce ca r as the  referee. Jeremy's tea m wins.  152 Se ries 19, Episode 5 24 F  ebruary 201 3 James McAv oy   Challenge, Part 1: Jeremy a  nd Richa rd attempt to design a  car targeted at elderly peo ple. Jeremy demon strate s the c omplexity of  modern cars ' dsh board . Richard brings a Fiat Multipla and  both  modify it . Jeremy breaks the d ashboard and replaces it considering it  to be too complicated f or elders. Richard asks for the airbags saying that i t is dangerous fo r the e lderly  who a re as del icate as children, and that  he needs it for a safet y feature. Jeremy ma kes a spe edometer w hich  reads 20 m  ph at the top speed, he also uses an old d  esign swi tch for rear fo g ligh t which does nothi ng. Jeremy   installs a pet-cage and replaces t he back s eat with hi gh seat chairs an  d the Fiat badge with a R over one. They paint i t in beige after observing the shade of a hearing aid. Richard uses wat er-resistant fabri c as seat covers, and while st itching h urts his eye. They com plete the car and  end the par t 1 with Rich ard wearing heavy  bandages over his left eye.  News : Vo lkswagen will launch GTI version of the new Golf and GT version of Up will be launched. Kia w ill launch the Pro Cee&# 39;d GT . The Mini P aceman is launched, and the  trio mock the front e nd of the car, claimi ng that it looks de  pressing.  The trio agree that the British a re the best drivers. Alfa-  Romeo r eleases photographs of the Glori a, in which the  trio make fun of it's name. Ri  chard h ad arr ived late so  James and Jeremy had attempted to play te nnis with ca rs (which has a lot of editing).  Review: James  reviews the new  Range Rover in London. The new car is completely re designed, 400 kg lig hter due to Alu minium body, has activ e suspen sion, new gearbox, minimalist dashboard an d offers better comf ort. Ja mes then races it agai nst TerraMax at Nevada Automotive Test Centre, Nevada. The race was t  o a hill 10 mil e ac ross, pas sing throu gh roc ky terr ain, hillock, mud, river an d sand-trac  ks. Ter raMax  was switched to dr one mode durin g the race to de flate  the tyres  and take  a short-cut. The Range Rover'  ;s auto matic Terra in Response System is demonstrated.  James t akes a lo  nger route to ascend  the hill bu t still wins the race . At the studio, the t rio con side r the dri verless cars to be no  t ver  y practical .  Star  In A Reason ably Priced Car: James McAvoy d rove the Kia Cee&#39;d around  the Test  Track wi th a lap of 1:43.6 despite having less experience of driving cars. He drove  over grassy patch in the last  corn er but manages to kee p the car under  control.  Ch allenge,  Part 2: Jeremy and Richard road-test t  heir car at Christchurch, Dorset. T he car  has large front bump ers m ade up of foam, lar ge rear-view mirrors, squeaki ng b all under t he brake- pedal , large magnifying-glass on the das hboard, sat nav (voiced by Richard Briers) with only four de  stinatons. The car has an artificial cat on the roof  which  later fell over on  the way of Bingo h all. Ric hard later  shows h is system to  find the l ocation  of par ked car  (the car a ctivat es a f lare  and t hen release s a bal loon). Jer emy shows that the radio o  nly pl ays Horse of the Year Show theme on a loop, which both lat  er fi nd to be irresistible to clap along. The name of t he car is r  evealed to be The James. They  pick up three elderly  ladies from a p ensioners' home fo r road-test  ing and  drive them to a bowling club wher e it is show n that Ri chard fitted the airbag at  the rear for parking assist which in flates th e air bag on close pro ximity.   Jeremy   and Richard buy food  for picnic,  choosing on ly British foods. They at tach the sho pping trolley to  Tow hitch and  head   for picnic. Th e roof of  the car leaks  as it rai  ns. Jeremy and Ric  hard end up choosin g a picnic s  pot on roadside wher e they  find the  trolley to be dam aged during  rever sing and the food to be soaked, howeve r they ate the f ood whi ch was not ruine d. The nex t day both leave  Christchu rch and Jeremy  shows his system to prevent   the car fr om being driven on the wrong  side o f the road,  the car   initial ly sounds a larm and later  the tyre  s, doors and othe r parts of t he car explode which stops the car and renders   it immobil e. At the studio, James considers the h eater  to be co mpli cated, th e trio thank  Richard Briers and announce the Afric a special.  153 Series 19, Episode 6 3 Ma rch 2013  No Gues t   First o f the two- episode Africa Special, taki ng place in A frica. The episode was s hot in 2012.  Challenge , Part 1: Buy used estate car s for u p to £1,500  in Brit  ain and repo rt at a  smal l village in rur al Uganda.  Jeremy arr ives in a BMW 528i T ouring, Rich  ard in  a Subaru I mpreza  WRX Est ate and Jam es i  n a Volvo 850R Wagon. The  challenge is to find the true s  ource of the riv er Nile.  They set off an  disc over that  exploring isn&# 39;t as difficult as first th ought when they go on  a ni ce easy dri ve and find Lake Victor ia, of whom t he Vi ctorian Ex  plorers th ought was t he s ource of the Nil e. However they ar e th en tol d that it is not the  actual source of  the Ni le and there we  re two oth er disputed locat ions for it , one   in Rwanda and one in Buru ndi.  However , Jeremy Clarkson insisted that both of t hese locati ons w ere  wrong and  decided t  o head we st towards L ake Edward to see  whether the re was a lin  k bet ween that lake and La ke Kivu  in Rwanda.   In t heir journey west, wher e they visit the Entebbe Airport and from the re see the F ord Scorpio  Estate bac k-up car.  They continue into Kampa la, Ugan da's Capital City where they get h eld up in a  traffic jam overn ight, the most hurrendous tr affic they 'd ev er seen.  They con  tinue on well-maintained highways west fi nding th eir trip incredibly easy b  efore reaching the  town of Mb arara in th  e south west of the  country,  via  a stop in Jezza, a village in Mpigi D istrict. Here they stay in a di  sgusting h otel, after driving through te a plantatio ns in an at tempt to dis cover a lovely t eahouse h otel, wh  ich in the mind  of Richard, was bound to f  ound due to tea pr ogrammes he&#  39;d seen.  In Mbarara they stayed in t he E  conomic L odge  with Jeremy having  a bed with faeces on it. T hey l eft the hotel disgust ed before Richar d has   the idea to make th e cars ';hot els'. James modifies his Volvo by adding a library, Ric hard adds a cooker and Jeremy ad ds a coffin. The coffin he uses to put his clothes in, he s  leeps on Egyptian  Cotton.<  br/>  They lea ve for La ke Edward, camping overnigh t there because of its beauty before he ading in search of the riv er heading for Lake K ivu.  None of the rive rs connect the lake as they all head east rather than so uth. T hey gi  ve up, leaving them disa ppointed . Then Jeremy looks at a ma  p and discovers the source of t he Nile must be on the  other side of Lake Vict oria. H is reasoning is that the Mediterrane an Sea is   effectively an inland sea and  so Gibraltar is the  true mouth of the Nile, rather than Alexandria   in Egypt.  After  discoveri ng this they decid e th at they mu st drive straight to the other side of Lake Victoria to get to th e southeast coast in  Tanza nia near the Se  rengeti. They start this journey by heading s outh into the Rwenzor  i Mountains, find ing the g oing h ard and  most of the time getting  their vehicles stuck  in mud  想到那个神出鬼没的东西,印颜的心又剧烈跳动起来,“本来,昌长老感觉能按住那条大尾巴, 可是,不知怎的,它突然又厉害起来,然后,那小冥兽,好像鬼魅一般,借 着地利,连着 抹了西才他们的脖子,昌长  老没办法,才完全放开了身体的封印。”

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